MCQ 4th week of March, 2015


  1. The most common associated condition with Vesical stones in USA is:
a. BPH.
b. indwelling catheter
c. UTI
d. Foreign bodies.
e. None of the above.


  1. Peyronie disease is associated with all following except:
a. Planter facial Contracture
b. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.
c. Tympanosclerosis.
d. External penile trauma.
e. Diabetes mellitus.


  1. The highest associated risk with stone formation is:
a. Orthotopic pouch.
b. Mainz pouch.
c. Kock pouch.
d. Cecal pouch reservoir
e. Indian pouch.


  1. Insulin dependent diabetic patient , 60 year old. Presented to you with weak erection and decreased libido. On examination, He was Normal except for weak pulse in dorsalis pedis. He has elevated Blood suger & serum prolactine. Low level serum Testosteron. What do you do:
a. treat him with cabergoline (Dotinex).
b. repeat s. prolactin test.
c. Treat him with testosterone replacement
d.  repeat S. testosterone test.
e. Imaging of  pituitary gland.


  1. The No- Scalpel vasectomy technique reduce the rate of :
a. the bleeding.
b. the infection.
c. the hematoma
d. the pain.
e. all the above

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