MCQ 1st week of April, 2015


  1. 65 year old diabetic man with peripheral neuropathy. Inspite of normal prostatic size, he has frequency, urgency and urge incontinence. He void 300 cc with PVRUV of Urodynamic study show Max flow rate of 8 ml/s, voiding pressure of 88 cm.H2O, Bladder capacity of 850 cc and decreased bladder sensation. Cystoscopy show mildly enlarged prostate. The most effective treatment is :


a. Tamsulosin.
b. CIC
d. neuromodulation
e. CIC and Oxybutynin


  1. 53 year old man with post-prostatectomy incontinence underwent placement of artificial urinary sphincter with good result for 3 years. Now he complains of recurrent incontinence. Cystoscopy and examination of the device show normal cycling and no cuff erosion. The next step is :


a. urodynamic study.
b. alpha blocker therapy.
c. antimuscarinics.
d. surgical exploration.
e. deactivate the device for 2 month trial.


  1. 24 year old man with Azospermia and an ejaculatory volume of 0.5 ml has normally palpable left vas deferens, non-palpable Rt. Vas deferens and normal DRE. Both testes measure 30 ml. The most useful diagnostic study for infertility is:


a. Serum testosterone.
b. TRUS.
c. Testicular biopsy.
d. Seminal fructose.
e. Post-ejaculatory urinalysis


  1. The best predictor of immediate graft function following living donor renal transplantation is:
a. total ischemia time
b. cold ischemia time
c. warm ischemia time
d. donor kidney urine output just before nephrectomy.
e. renal revascularization time


  1. The recommended method to prevent postoperative DVT in an otherwise healthy man undergoing TURP under spinal anesthesia is :


a. asperin.
b. early ambulation.
c. low molecular weight heparin.
d. obtain preoperative lower extremities duplex studies.
e. subcutaneous low dose unfractionated heparin.




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