MCQ 2nd week of April, 2015



  1. A 30 year old patient has staghorn stone of 5 cm with pyonephrosis . He underwent percutaneous drainage via 10 F nephrostomy tube. After that you decided to do percutaneous nephrolithotomy for him, Provided that the nephrostomy tube is in the renal pelvis, the optimal access is obtained through:
a.     Dilating the previous nephrostomy tract.
b.    Middle anterior  calyx.
c.     Inferior anterior calyx.
d.    Middle posterior calyx.
e.     Inferior posterior calyx.


  1. A stone former woman of 60 year old develop a calcium oxalate stone. Her evaluation showed  mildly elevated urinary calcium after calcium loading, consistent with type one absorptive  The most appropriate treatment is:  
a.     Magnesium oxide.
b.    Orthophosphate.
c.     Potassium citrate.
d.    Sodium cellulose phosphate.
e.     Hydrochlorothiazide.


  1. A 25 year old patient with testicular tumour (NSGCT stage 1) underwent Right orchiectomy. When you want to do modified Right template RPLND for him. The limit of your dissection is:


a.     The lateral edge of aorta.
b.    The medial edge of IVC.
c.     The medial edge of aorta.
d.    The medial edge of left ureter.
e.     The mid aorta.


  1. Non-invasive high grade Squamous cell carcinoma was the result of histopathological examination of biopsy taken from polypoid urethral meatus mass in 65 year old woman. The follow up evaluation show no regional or distant metastasis. The further step in the treatment is:


a.     Laser fulguration.
b.    Topical 5 –FU cream.
c.     Anterior pelvic exenteration with pelvic lymphadenectomy.
d.    XRT with ilioinguinal lymphadenectomy.
e.     Circumferential excision including excision oa anterior vaginal wall.


  1. Cisplatin has nephrotoxic effect because it cause:


a.     Afferent arteriolar constriction.
b.    Efferent arteriolar constriction.
c.     Renal tubular obstruction due to drug precipitation.
d.    Pre-existing plasma volume contraction.
e.     A direct toxic effect on renal tubular cells.




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2 responses to “MCQ 2nd week of April, 2015

  1. Hijan Akeel

    1- d
    2- a
    3- c
    4- e
    5- e


  2. SAMIR

    1. A


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