Spot diagnosis 6



Q 1: what is this test?

Q 2: What is the diagnosis?

Q3: Write 6 types ( surgical ) of the treatment?



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3 responses to “Spot diagnosis 6

  1. Ammar

    Retrograde pyelography
    PUJ obstruction
    Dismempered pyeloplasty, foley Y-V plasty, Culp-DeWeerd spiral flap, Scardino-prince vertical flap, retrograde endopyelotomy, Laparascopic pyeloplasty


  2. Bairq .A.Mahdi

    1.whitaker test
    2.PUJ obstruction
    3. a open or lap. Dismembered pyeloplasty
    b. flap procedures
    c. percutaneous antegrade endopyelotomy
    d.percutaneous endopyeloplasty
    e. Retrograde ureteroscpic endopyelotomy
    f. retrograde ballon endopyelotomy


  3. SAMIR

    1.Retrograde pyelography
    2. PUJ obstruction
    3. open or lap. Dismembered pyeloplast ,Flap Procedures( foley Y-V plasty, spiral flap, vertical flap), retrograde endopyelotomy, Ureterocalycostomy,,. percutaneous antegrade endopyelotomy


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