MCQ 4th week of April, 2015




  1. During bladder filling, intraluminal ureteral pressure:
a.     remain stable while while ureteral contractions decrease.
b.    Increases, and the frequency of contractions increased.
c.     Increases, and the frequency of contractions decrease.
d.    Increases, and the frequency of contractions is unchanged.
e.     Decreases once the frequency of contractions decrease.


  1. You have treated a 63 year old patient who has LUTS and AUA symptoms score of 18, with terazosin. After six months, he develops hypertention which of the following drugs is contraindicated:
a.     Enalapril.
b.    Hydrochlorthiazide.
c.     Verapamil.
d.    Metoprolol.
e.     Losartan.


  1. Physical examination of 19 year old woman complaining of a pruritic groin rash reveals poorly marginated , red patches on her inner thighs, inguinal folds, and labia. Satellite papules are scattered at the periphery of the inflammatory process. She is on ampicillin treatment for UTI. The most likely diagnosis is:


a.     Lichen planus.
b.    Candidiasis.
c.     Molluscum contagiosum.
d.    Contact dermatitis.
e.     Fixed drug reaction.


  1. An afebrile 20 year old sexually active woman complains of vulvovaginal itching and flu-like symptoms. On examination, there is a fissure in the right labia majora with no vaginal discharge. Urinalysis is negative. The treatment that can prevent recurrence of her symptoms is:


a.     Oral acyclovir.
b.    Hydrocortisone cream.
c.     Imiquimod cream.
d.    Diphenhydramine cream.
e.     Ceftriaxone IM.


  1. We can use transcatheter arterial embolization as alternative to pretransplant native nephrectomy for patient with:


a.     A history of pyelonephritis.
b.    Goodpasture syndrome
c.     Symptomatic polycystic kidneys.
d.    Sever proteinuria.
e.     Vesicoureteral reflux.



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