MCQ 1st week of May, 2015 .



  1. Sodium reabsorption in the proximal tubule:    


a.     is regulated by Aldosterone.
b.    Result in a hypotonic tubular fluid.
c.     Occurs against a steep concentration gradient .
d.    Is accompanied by bicarbonate excretion.
e.     Occurs by an active transport mechanism.


  1. During an abdominal ultrasound examination of 43 year old hypertensive man. There was bilateral enlarged cystic kidneys, hepatic and pancreatic cysts. He has fever and abdominal and flank pain and Dysuria. He also has family history of renal failure. He diagnosed as pyelonephritis and admitted for urine culture and treatment. Which antibiotic to start with:


a.     Nitrofurantoin.
b.    Gentamycin.
c.     Ampicillin.
d.    Cephalexin.
e.     Ciprofloxacin.


  1. The Prostatic biopsy technique that samples the anterior prostate gland most effectively is the :


a.     Transperineal biopsy.
b.    10-core biopsy.
c.     12-core biopsy.
d.    Saturation biopsy.
e.     Transurethral biopsy.


  1. A complete TURT, Radiothreapy and chemotherapy (5 FU & Cisplatin) has been done for a 60 year old man with T2 bladder cancer(he want bladder preservation). Three months later, he has another T2 tumor that is completely resected. The next step is :


a.     Radical cystectomy.
b.    Additional radiation.
c.     Taxane based chemotherapy.
d.    Taxane based chemotherapy and radiation.
e.     Cisplatin based chemotherapy and radiation.


  1. A 25 year old man with primary infertility. He is tall and has gynecomastia and disproportionately long arms. He has normal hair distribution in pubic area and axilla. His testes are 3 ml and firm. His sperm concentration is 0.5 million /ml. The most likely chromosomal study is:


a.     45 , XO karyotype.
b.    Microdeletion of Y chromosome.
c.     46 ,XX karyotype.
d.    47 ,XXY karyotype.
e.     50% 46 ,XY ; 50% 47 ,XXY karyotype.



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