MCQ 3rd week of May, 2015



  1. A 35 year old man with spinal cord injury is on CIC. The most frequent long term complication is:


a.     Squamous metaplasia.
b.    Urethral stricture.
c.     VUR reflux.
d.    Bladder Calculi.
e.     Chronic pyelonephritis.


  1. Failed Vasectomy reversal in a 49 year old who underwent vasectomy sixteen years ago. No sperm was found in the vas during the surgery. The wife is 45 year old, her menses are regular. The best chance of pregnancy is:


a.     Redo microscopic 2 layers vasovasotomy.
b.    Open epididymal aspiration with IVF and ICSI.
c.     Donor eggs and needle aspiration of the testicle with IVF and ICSI.
d.    Needle aspiration of the testicle with IVF and ICSI.
e.     Gynecologic evaluation of the wife then bilateral vasoepididymostomy if she was normal.


  1. Lethargy and joint pain are the complains of 60 year old women who underwent sigmoid neobladder creation four years ago. Her serum bicarbonate is 20 meq/l, calcium 9.1 mg/dl, alkaline phosphatase 249 U/l, PCV  34%. The next step is:


a.     Oral bisphosphonate.
b.    Oral calcium and vitamin D.
c.     Intramascular Vitamin B12.
d.    Oral magnesium and vitamin D.
e.     Oral calcium and potassium citrate.


  1. The nephron segment that contains the most diluted fluid in diabetes insipidus is:


a.     The collecting system.
b.    The proximal convoluted tubules.
c.     The distal convoluted tubules.
d.    The descending limb of Henle’s loop.
e.     The ascending limb of Henle’s loop.
  1. One month old healthy girl with abdominal distention. Ultrasound examination show a cystic mass behind the bladder. Her MRI examination is shown below. Physical examination show normal appearing genitalia with single urethral opening with no vaginal opening. The features are mostly consistent with:                                                                   MCCCCQ
    a.     Transverse vaginal septum.
    b.    CAH
    c.     Imperforated Hymen.
    d.    Androgen insensitivity syndrome.
    e.     Mayer-Rokitansky syndrome.

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