MCQ  4th week of May, 2015 (2011, 1-5)



  1. A 36 year old psychotic man amputates his penis. He brought to ER in stable condition with cold ischemia time of 6 hours. Microvascular reconstruction or macroscopic replantation of penile shaft provided an equivalent outcome for:                                                         .
a.     Infection.
b.    Urethral stricture formation.
c.     Penile skin preservation.
d.    Erectile function.
e.     Penile sensation.


  1. A collecting system perforation is noted during PCNL. The first sign of extravasation into the peritoneal cavity is:


a.     Increasing ventilator pressure.
b.    Hypotension.
c.     Narrow pulse pressure.
d.    Hypercarbia.
e.     Abdominal distention.


  1. An end stage polycystic kidney patient is on chronic hemodialysis. His potassium is consistently in excess of 5.6 meq/l. he is dialyzed three times per week fo 4 hours each time. The most likely cause of the hyperkalemia is:


a.     Adrenal insufficiency.
b.    Dietary indiscretion.
c.     Inadequate dialysis.
d.    Chronic alkalosis.
e.     GIT bleeding.


  1. The renal artery occlusive disease most likely to be associated with stable renal function is:


a.     Atherosclerotic disease.
b.    Intimal fibroplasia.
c.     Perimedial fibroplasia.
d.    Medial fibroplasia.
e.     Medial hyperplasia


  1. A 33 year women who has never attempt to be pregnant recently married a 45 year old man who underwent vasectomy 16 years ago at time of hernia repair. The man has 2 grown children and now want more children.he has a positive antisperm antibody. The factor that portend a poor outcome after vasectomy reversal is:


a.     Long interval of vasectomy.
b.    Partner agre above thirty.
c.     Presence of antisperm antibodies.
d.    Preveous inguinal surgery.
e.     The wife has never been pregnant.

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