MCQ of 1st week of July, 2015



  1. The nerves most at highest risk of injury during inguinal and laparoscopic approaches to varicocele are, respectively


a.     inguinal: ilioinguinal; laparoscopic: genitofemoral
b.    inguinal: genitofemoral; laparoscopic: ilioinguinal
c.     inguinal: ilioinguinal; laparoscopic: iliohypogastric
d.    inguinal: genitofemoral; laparoscopic: iliohypogastric
e.     inguinal: genitofemoral; laparoscopic: pudendal.


  1. The body mass index most strongly associated with the presence of a varicocele is :
a.      less than 5th percentile.
b.      6th – 84th percentile.
c.     85th – 95th percentile.
d.    >95th percentile.
e.     There is no association.


  1. The formula to best approximate testis volume when given ultrasound derived length, width and height testis measurements is :
a.     length * width * height
b.    length * width * height * 0.25
c.     length * width * height * 0.52
d.    length * width * height * 0.71
e.     length * width * height * 0.10


  1. During microsurgical varicocelectomy delivery of the testis and division of the gubernacular veins result in:
a.     lower rates of hydrocele
b.    no difference in the rate of varicocele recurrence
c.     lower rates of varicocele recurrence
d.    higher rates of testicular atrophy.
e.     higher rates of hydrocele


  1. The varicocelectomy technique that most consistently demonstrates the lowest rate of postoperative hydroceles is:
a.     open Palomo (retroperitoneal)
b.    laparoscopic non-lymphatic sparing varicocelectomy
c.     laparoscopic lymphatic sparing varicocelectomy
d.    microsurgical varicocelectomy
e.     scrotal varicocelectomy.

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