MCQ 1st week of August, 2015



  1. Radiation exposure from a single Ct scan is:
a.     The result of non-ionizing radiation.
b.    On average of 50 times greater than that from anterior posterior x-ray.
c.     Increased with automatic exposure control option.
d.    Is less harmful to the digestive organs compared to the brain.
e.     Result in less cancer risk in younger patients.


  1. Sepsis after PCNL best correlates with:
a.     Collecting system violation.
b.    Preoperative urine culture.
c.     Blood loss.
d.    Stone culture.
e.     Length of the procedure.


  1. A patient has stress urinary incontinence one year after radical prostatectomy. However the incontinence is not documented on Valsalva maneuver under fluoroscopy. The test was performed using a 12 F catheter at a volume of 200 ml. the most likely explanation of detectable incontinence on Urodynamic study  is :


a.     Impaired contractility.
b.    Poor Valsalva effort.
c.     Insufficient volume instilled.
d.    Urethral catheter is too long.
e.     Involuntary bladder contraction.


  1. In a paraplegic man with a T12 spinal cord transection, the major complication of external sphincterotomy is:


a.     Autonomic dysreflexia.
b.    Significant hemorrhage.
c.     Impotence.
d.    Acute Urinary tract sepsis.
e.     Priapism.


  1. A 30 year old man with azospermia and semen volume of 3.1 ml. Both testes are 5 cm in length and the FSH is normal the next step is :
a.     Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration.
b.    Scrotal ultrasound.
c.     Scrotal exploration for microscopical reconstruction.
d.    Clomiphene Citrate.
e.     Testicular biopsy.



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