MCQ 3nd week of August, 2015 

True false

Please answer the questions by True or False,  for each question there are  five sentences.

  1. prune-belly syndrome is also called :


a.     Eagle–Barrett syndrome.
b.    Abdominal wall deficiency syndrome.
c.     Triad syndrome.
d.    Potter syndrome.
e.     Mayer Rokitansky–Kuster–Hauser.


  1. The classic features that characterize prune-belly syndrome are :


a.     Hypospadias.
b.    Urinary tract dilation, megaureter.
c.     Renal agenesis.
d.    Abdominal wall deficiency.
e.     Cryptorchidism.



  1. Regarding the genetic and the incidence of prune-belly syndrome :


a.     the reported range is 1 per 29,000 to 40,000 live births.
b.    Of all prune-belly syndrome cases, 3% to 4% occur in females.
c.     An incomplete form of prune-belly syndrome is present in as many as 25%

of patients.

d.    Associated with Klinefelter syndrome.
e.     several genetic defects are associated with prune-belly syndrome, include

Turner syndrome, Monosomy 16, Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18 .


  1. The categories of prune-belly syndrome are:


a.     Category I has marked oligohydramnios secondary to dysplasia or severe bladder outlet obstruction.
b.    Category I Prognosis is very poor in this group as most are either stillborn or die within the first few days of life.
c.     Category II shows moderate renal insufficiency and moderate to severe hydroureteronephrosis.
d.    The goal of treatment in Category II is to stabilize renal function.
e.     Category III consists of patients with mild or incomplete forms of prune-belly syndrome.



  1. the most common nongenitourinary anomaly in patient with prune-belly syndrome are:


a.     Thoracic cage malformations.
b.    Cardiac anomaly.
c.     Gastrointestinal anomaly.
d.    Orthopedic deformities.
e.     Ophthalmological anomaly.



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