To my colleagues and our students, let’s have fun!!!


Q1 : Who is the first one who did nephrostomy?, in which year?, where? What is his nationality?

Q2: What is Gerota’s full name and nationality ?

Q3: what is the Highmore’s body?

Q4: What is the Fick principle?

Q5: What is the pilimication and why does it happen?

Q6: Harrison Ford came up with the idea for the famous scene in “ Raiders of the Lost Ark” Where Indiana Jones shoots the big swordsman. What was his inspiration?

Q7: The first episode of “ Joanie Loves chachi “ was the highest rate American program ever in the History of Korean TV … Why is that?

Q 8: Who first placed the eyes or the openings on a catheter on opposite side of just using a terminal opening?

Q9: what is the orgine of the word penis?

Q10: what is “ Tire Pump syndrome” How does its happen , Who gets it, and when?

NB: 1. all the questions above has urological relation.

        2. to get the key for these questions, please add your answer as a comment or contact me. 



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