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  1. Nephrostomy : Joaquin Albarran Maria Dominguez in 1896, in Cuba. He was French.
  2. Dimitrie Gerota was Romanian .
  3. Highmore’s body is the hilum of the testis.
  4. Fick principle is used to calculate the creatinine clearance.
  5. Pelimiction : mean hair in the urine, occurred when there is pelvic dermoid cyst which ruptured into the bladder.
  6. He urgently needed a bathroom.
  7. Chachi in Korean mean penis.
  8. Arab physician Razes.
  9. Penis is Latin word mean tail.
  10. Tire pump syndrome : is  the temporary feeling of abdominal & shoulder pain after sexual intercourse. It occurs in female who had underwent hysterectomy which associated with salpingovaginal fistula. Sexual intercourse lead to pneumoperitoneum

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