First week of October, 2015.

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Q1: What is the recommended optimal duration of alpha blocker therapy before removing the catheter for a voiding trail after an episode of acute retention?

Q2: Is Mumps orchitis more common in prepubertal or postpubertal boys and what percentage of boys with Mumps will get Mump orchitis?

Q3: What cardiac drug at what dosage can cause a chemical epididymitis, what portion of the epididymid is involve most often and how should it be treated?

Q4: Pyuria is present in what percentage of patient with acute epididymtis?

Q5: What exactly is the function of fructose in the semen and what is the significant of its absence?

Q6: What is the 3 medical diseases that can cause calcification of the vas deferens?

Q7: Which Kidney is affected most often with angiomyolipoma?

Q8: What percentage of patients with renal tuberculosis presented with hematuria?

Q9: What is the Normal volume of the renal pelvis?

Q10: What is the most common benign and malignant tumors of the spermatic cord?



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