The Answer of last week of October

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  1. Approximately 18%.
  2. The Subcardinal vien.
  3. As the renal cysts enlarged, they stretch the renal tubules that causes ischemia to the distal portions of the renal parenchyma resulting in renin release and hypertension.
  4. The right ureter is affected 3 times more than the left because the left ureter is protected by the sigmoid colon.
  5. Only about 300.
  6. It can be used in TB but it is most useful as the primary antibiotic for severe side effects of BCG therapy.
  7. A benign adenomatoid tumor.
  8. A ureterocle.
  9. …………………..

Detrusor overactivity:  is the urodynamic finding of involuntary detrusor contractions during bladder filling.

Overactive bladder: is a symptomatic diagnosis secondary to detrusor overactivity as urgency (with or without incontinence) associated usually with frequency and nacturia.

Detrusor hyperreflexia: is bladder overactivity caused by disturbance in the nervous control mechanism.

Detrusor instability: is  previously used to describe uninhibited bladder contraction typically occurred at bladder volume below capacity.

  1. Diabetes, TB, gonorrhea.

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