Last week of November, 2015

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Q1: Topomax (topiramate), a drug used for migraine and epilepsy. Causes what specific GU problem?

Q2: There are three oral drugs that can be used specifically to treat prostatic bleeding. What are they?

Q3: What is the treatment for stuttering (intermittent) priapism?

Q4:  Write seven chronic conditions associated with Nocturia?

Q5: What does “Beehive lesion in the bladder” on cystogram or cystoscopy indicate?

Q6: Quackel shunt is used in treatment of what?

Q7: An acute left varicocele suggest what underlying pathology?

Q8: What is the mortality rate associated with urinary retention?

Q9: Is there a clinical significant of the side of bladder that  the colovesical fistule seen on cystoscopy (Left or Right)?

Q10: What is the effect of Tetracycline on Testosterone level, and what is the effect of nitrofurantoin on spermatogenesis.





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