MCQ First week of March, 2016



  1. With the respect to urethral trauma, the recently published American Urological Association (AUA) urotrauma guidelines state that:
a endoscopic realignment should be attempt in all patients presented with traumatic urethral disruption injuries regardless of hemodynamic stability.
b patients who undergo successful urethral realignment have negligible rate of urethral stricture disease following catheter removal.
c. placement of a suprapubic catheter and delayed urethral reconstruction remain an acceptable management option for many patients.
d. surgeon should perform sustained attempt at endoscopic realignment in order to ensure urethral continuity is obtained in the acute setting.


  1. Which patients had worse chronic kidney disease upstaging-free survival relative to patients on active surveillance in the multivariate model?
a patient undergoing radical nephrectomy.
b patients undergoing partial nephrectomy.
c. patient under going cryoablation.
d. a and b


  1. Removal of an asymptomatic stone in a patient with recurrent urinary tract infection is least likely to impact the chance of repeat urinary tract infection if the preoperative culture shows:
a E. coli.
b Proteus.
c. Enterococcus.
d. Klebsiella.


  1. Concerning cryosurgery, in order to cause cell death by coagulative necrosis, temperatures at or below what level are advised?
a   0 C
b -20 C
c. -40 C
d. -60 C


  1. According to the AUA best practice Statement on antimicrobial prophylaxix for urological surgery, the recommended duration of antibiotics for a patient undergoing percutaneous nephrolithotomy who does not have a history of pyelonephritis or recurrent UTI is:
a 24 hours or less.
b 48 to 72 hours
c. 72 to 96 hours.
d. 1 week.



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