Spot diagnosis 29

– Nine year old girl complain of Lt. loin pain. IVU study has been done. See the 2 contrast films below

  1. describe the film?
  2. what is your diagnosis?
  3. what is the next step?





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2 responses to “Spot diagnosis 29

  1. Ammar

    My dearest
    Ivu film shows the axis of kid vertical pic of horseshoe kid
    Lt puj obstruction but the calyces are not dil?
    Needs pyeloplasty but we need to check no stone


    • thank you for your comment, you are right, there are axis deviation, vas shape ureter and malrotation which both are sign of Horseshoe kidney but there is 2 other missing sign which is the low lying and the isthmus. our next step was to do CT scan of abdomen and pelvis. which as I tell you our radiologist refuse to do it for children, she do it in pediatric Hospital , the result came with nothings new. they gave us a film with only few pictures. I think that the dilation of pelvis in the picture is due to malrotation which make all the calyces and the pelvis to be on one line.


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